How to Buy and Send Bitcoin with Cash App?

How to Buy and Send Bitcoin with Cash App?

Bitcoin is based on the block chain program, basically it is a cryptocurrency in the form of electronic cash. Bitcoin is a digital currency can be sent from person to person without the need for intermediaries even without a single administrator or central bank. The ticker symbol of the bitcoin is XBT and BTC. To Buy and Send Bitcoin With Cash App is very easy, and any user can go with this.

Bitcoin also helps to the traders to gain the high returns by reduce the trading risks. This is ideal for all levels of users and is based on advanced programming techniques.

Tips to Buy and Send Bitcoin With Cash App 

If you are log in the first time in the cash app then you will see a green payment screen on the homepage. To send money to your family and friends, go with this screen.

Recently the cash app updated its layout and add a new feature to purchase the stock without fees. The feature merged with the buying Bitcoin. To view and access, the screen users need to tap on the rising curved line. The name of the screen is investing and it provides two tabs to switch between buying stocks and bitcoin.

In investing, the user will see two options Stocks and Bitcoin. You have to click on the Buy button and then choose the amount of bitcoin that you want to purchase. To buy the custom amount, the user needs to tap on the three dots button which is available in the lower right-hand corner. After that, enter the amount that you want to buy and press the next button. A confirmation screen will appear, click on the confirm button.

Note: Cash App charges two types of fees for all the Bitcoin transactions: One is a service fee and the second is an additional fee.

Currently, the cash app offers you 10,000 worth of bitcoin in a week. Users can withdrawal $2000 of bitcoin in a day and withdraw $5000 in a week.

Is it difficult to purchase the Bitcoin with Cash App?

The cash app is the most popular and commonly used wallet which is used for making online transactions. People can easily make a purchase of bitcoin via a cash app. Some steps are as follows:

First, open the cash application on your mobile and click on the topmost option which is available of BTC or dollar or cash amount

After that, choose the BTC option and swipe the screen

Enter the amount that you want the purchase of bitcoin

Click on the button to make the final purchase

Enter the pin code of your cash app or can use the touch id which is used for the safety purpose of the cash app

Press the confirm button to confirm your bitcoin purchase

How to send the Bitcoin with Cash App?

Open the Cash app and select the icon of the profile on the upper left corner

Click on the Next button and scroll on the funds

Before withdrawal, the funds, do not forget to click on the confirm button

After verifying all the process select the transfer out and click on the confirm button

Open the QR scanner from the external wallet or can choose the option of using the address of the wallet

Click on the confirm button

Congratulations your bitcoin has been sent successfully.


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